Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Dominion Big Box Edition is a specially packaged board game that includes the Dominion base game and the expansions Dominion : Alchemy & Dominion : Prosperity. In addition, the Big Box Edition comes with the popular play mat.

Our family found the basic game took a little over 30 minutes to play.  This included kids ages 10 to 13 who loved the deck building challenge and amazed us with their ability to strategise!

Each player starts the game with a small deck of cards. The rest of the cards are set out in the middle of your playing surface and you buy them as you can afford it.  Everyone is a ruler of a small kingdom and wants to have a Dominion!  It's a challenge to acquire as much land as possible while fending off the other Monarchs who have the same goal..
We also carry other expansions to this wonderful game. 
Try the base game online for free here.

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