Sunday, August 11, 2013

August Game Day - What a Blast!

I must say the this was the best tournament the store has had to date!

  • 20 Contestants - Thanks to each of you!
  • Pizza Delivered for all about noon - Thanks Garrett and Panago!
  • Great Matches - I personally played some of the best matches every and not all winning ones.
  • Prizes for everyone and then some! We split a whole box of M14 Boosters.
Special thanks to the new players that came out, please keep coming.

For those that didn't enter, consider this; just for participating in this event everyone took home:
  1. A booster pack of M14
  2. A Limited Full Art card - Hive Stirings
  3. A Foil, Alternate Art Rare card - Colossal Whale
  4. A Card Corner Loyality Stamp Card - Buy 10 booster packs and get the 11th booster pack FREE!
  5. An entry into the draw for a Golden Vault Ticket.
  6. The experience of playing in a tournament and seeing a higher level of play. You learn so much so quickly playing in tournaments like this.
A Golden Vault Ticket gives the holder an opportunity to buy the much sought after set From The Vault 20 or what I like to call, Jace the Mind Sculptor and 19 other cards.

Then we awarded more boosters to the top 8 and a Full Art Foil Rare - Goblin Diplomats.

And finally, the bottom two contestants got another booster pack each. 

Congratulations to Ceilidh on winning the draw for the last Golden Vault Ticket! 

And Finally the Winner of the Tournament, the Game Day Mat and all the glory:


I played Coltin in the finals and got stomped so bad it wasn't funny. I felt pity for everyone else in the tournament that had to face Coltin's deck....  what do you do against a 9/7 hexproof, trample, flier that prevents sacrificing effects? Concede and Bow.

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