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“Zombies” is a semi-cooperative game for 2-6 players trying to survive in a city overrun with zombies.  There are a tonne of zombie games out there right now, so why should you choose this one to buy?
The game begins with each player on the centre of the “town square” game tile.  On each players turn, that player flips over a new piece of the map by drawing a tile from the game board pile and placing it in an appropriate (or strategic) spot.  Tiles include normal streets with nothing to see, or named buildings, such as the hospital, police station, or sporting goods store.  These buildings contain the cannibalistic dead that the game gets its name from, and also may contain more bullets or life.  Players then roll the dice, and move the appropriate number of spaces.  They then get to roll the dice a second time, and move that many zombies one space.  This is where the strategy comes into play, as you may move zombies out of the way of your fellow players, or you may decide to move them right into their path.  Keep in mind they will probably not be too happy with you and will most likely return the favour.  You begin the game with 3 life, 3 bullets, and 3 cards.  The life and bullets are used to combat zombies, and the cards can be used for any number of things, such as making combat easier (which is done with a roll of the dice), stopping an opponent from moving, or adding more zombies to the board.  The game can be won in two ways.  The first is to find the helipad, battle through all the zombies waiting there, and get to the middle of the tile.  The other way is to kill 25 zombies and “collect” their bodies.
The game is very easy to learn.  The rules sheet is fairly short, and it took me one quick read through to understand how to play and to explain it to my wife.  The one critique I have is the explanation of the cards.  Some cards may be played at any time; some can only be played in front of certain buildings, and you can also choose to discard a card at the end of your turn, which will then allow you to draw a new card on your next turn.  Playing the card in front of the specified building is where we ran into some confusion.  The way it works is that you play the card face up in front of you when you are in front of the building specified (on that tile).  You can then leave the card there until you want to use it.  When you finally decide to use the card, you can discard it from play and get the benefit that the card states.  I feel the rules do not do a good job in explaining this, and it took us a little while to figure out exactly how to play these cards.  Other than that the game is very straightforward to play and to understand.
This game has a high replayability factor in part because of the randomness of the board, which is made new every game, and the randomness of the cards.  Also it helps that there are different ways to win, so depending on your mood, you might decide that you want to go all out and try to kill 25 zombies, or you might decide to play a more strategic game and make it to the helipad.  Each time I play this game it feels like a new experience.  The game also has an incredible amount of expansions that let you continually add more elements to it, so you can be sure you will never play the same game twice.
This game has some great flavour that zombie fans will love.  The cards have some very interesting names that will make you giggle as you read the effect (we’re screwed – add zombies to any 10 legal spaces), or marvel at the artwork (seriously, check out the picture for adrenaline rush). 

Overall I think this game is great.  I would highly recommend it for any zombie fan, as well as any game fan.

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