Friday, December 20, 2013

Beier's Brew

Welcome to a new Beier’s Brew.  Today’s deck is another modern deck that has the potential to kill on turn 2.  That’s right, I said turn 2.  I have been looking for an excuse to revisit the infect mechanic, as I really liked how it played, and Scars of Mirrodin was my first real taste of a more competitive form of Magic through drafts and semi-competitive constructed play.  If you remember playing against infect, you remember the explosive potential of the mechanic.  If you don’t know about infect, damage is not dealt traditionally as subtracting from your life total.  Instead, you are given a number of poison counters based on the infect creature’s power.  If at any time you reach 10 poison counters, you lose.  So let’s look at the deck breakdown.
Glistener Elf – in an infect deck, we want to be aggressive.  This is about as aggressive as we can start.  A turn 1 elf can set up a turn 2 kill.
Blighted Agent – the second best creature card in our deck.  Slightly slower than a turn 1 elf, but it makes up for it with unblockability.
Ichorclaw Myr – this creature can be a real pain for your opponent to think about blocking due to its ability to pump if it’s blocked.  If we could add trample to this guy…
Rancor – speaking of trample.  This is a great way to get the last few points of infect in to our opponent, or to just punch through.
Mutagenic Growth – pumping our infect guys when we are tapped out is amazing.
Vines of Vastwood – this is a multi-purpose spell that can pump our guy, or protect him against spot removal. 
Groundswell – landfall was one of the coolest mechanics in recent memory, and this card shows why.  Play a forest, tap said forest, +4/+4.
Giant Growth – the only perfectly balanced original “boon” card.  Of course it had to be included here.
Simic Charm – just like Vines, this can pump our guy or protect him.  Slightly worse, as it’s only +3 for 2 mana, but still worth including.
Titanic Growth – it’s no giant growth, but when we are trying to deal as much infect as fast as possible, this will do the trick.
Primal Bellow – obviously this is not what we want to see in the early game, but it’s ok to help us finish off our opponent if the game goes longer than we would like.
Here is what our deck looks like fully assembled:
Land (22):
10 x Forest
Creatures (12):
Spells (26):
4 x Rancor
Have you spotted the turn 2 kill yet?  Obviously this is magical Christmas land, but we all dream of getting there one day, right?  Turn 1, forest, play Glistener Elf and pass.  Turn 2, play a forest, attack, cast GroundswellGroundswell, and cast Mutagenic Growth by paying 2 life.  You just dealt 11 infect on turn 2.  The Groundswell give your elf +4/+4 due to landfall triggering. 
Due to the low curve, I would toy around with the land and spell numbers if you are thinking of running this.  I might drop down to 20 lands and add in one more simic charm and primal bellow.  The casting cost of this deck is so low you don’t really want to draw more than 2 or 3 lands.

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