Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beier's Brews - Born of the Gods Rakdos

With Born of the Gods just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start brewing some new standard decks.  Today’s deck features one of the new gods as the build around card.  While they all seem quite powerful in the right deck (at the time of writing, the dimir god has not yet been spoiled), the one that has me the most excited is Mogis, God of Slaughter.  For only 4 mana, you get a 7/5 indestructible enchantment (or creature, with high enough devotion) who has a very relevant static ability.  With Mogis in play, every turn your opponent will either have to choose to sac a creature, or take 2 damage.  So the question to ask then is what type of deck does Mogis fit in?  Do you put him at the top of an aggro decks curve to finish off your opponent?  What about a control deck with lots of removal so Mogis can act as a one sided Sulfuric Vortex?  My opinion is that he would be home in either of these decks. 
This deck aims to take advantage of Rakdos’s aggressive side.  It is fully possible to have Mogis animated on turn 4 when you cast him, so not only are you forcing your opponent to sacrifice a creature or take 2 more damage on their next turn (either of which may be back breaking against the speed of this deck), but you also have a blocker, and 7 damage attacking the following turn, along with all the other creatures.  The lack of card draw makes this deck vulnerable to board wipe, but a resolved Mogis may be enough to close out the game, especially if the board wipe doesn’t happen until turn 4, when an opponent may be close to dead already.
8 x Swamp
8 x Mountain
20 Land might be too few, but as there is only Mogis that costs more than 2 mana, it might be acceptable.  I would be willing to drop 1 or 2 cards for extra land though.  This deck could also run Fanatic of Mogis for some crazy powerful damage.
This version looks to utilize Rakdos’s control aspects, which there is a lot of. 
4 x Temple of Malice
10 x Swamp
7 x Mountain
This deck looks to strip away an opponent’s early game, build up some black devotion and utilize Mogis for added removal or damage.  This deck has a lot of ways to finish an opponent off.  It uses a lot of the same tools as mono black devotion, but adds in a few of red’s most powerful spells.

These are two very different decks that use Mogis, God of Slaughter very effectively.  I absolutely love Mogis, and can’t wait to deckbuild with him.  As always, please feel free to leave comments down below.

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